Great drinks are made with great ingredients. Our cocktail bitters are carefully crafted to elevate everything you mix up.

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    Our bitters are only made with whole spices and botanicals. We never use extracts or flavorings.


    Crafted to enhance your drinks, not overwhelm. It's hard to "ruin" a drink with our bitters.


    Each flavor is created to be versatile enough to pair with multiple spirits and inspire you find your own signature drink.

The Bitter Housewife was created for me and my whiskey-drinking friends. We don’t want to be talked down to and we don’t want to be told what we like isn’t “correct”. I don't believe drinks should be intimidating or that you need a whole new vocabulary to talk about them. I believe in great taste, real ingredients, and fun.


Genevieve, The Bitter Housewife

  • "Let me preface this with a confession. I collect bitters. I just bought the full set, and was blown away. These are high-quality bitters. No off-notes, no hint of artificiality, strong and complicated flavors." - Ami S.

  • "These bitters are just amazing! Yes, I can't wait to use them in cocktails, but now I'm also thinking of other recipes I'd like to add them to as well. The flavor is magnificent! Well done!” - Jeanne

  • "I found these bitters in a small shop and have now purchased them three more times. The flavor is rich and delicious. Also, who wouldn’t support a company named The Bitter Housewife? So clever." - Colleen N.