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Bitters & Soda

Bitters & Soda alone won’t help you climb Mount Everest or become the next Oprah, but it will help you cut back on both sugar and alcohol. Which just may help you tackle each and every day with a bit more energy and determination.

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No Alcohol: have anytime of day

No sugar: fits into any eating style 

Bitter flavor: stimulates digestion, curbs sugar cravings 

Sparkling: because flat is well... flat

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"Unlike sugary soda, it's unique with botanical flavors that are anything but sweet or boring. If you identify as sparkling, complex, and bitter, then (Bitters & Soda) is the drink for you.” 
– Nicki Youngsma, MilkRun Customer


"After downing so many sparkling waters, this is really something unique and different, with terrific flavor and carbonation." - Martin Caballero, BevNet

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The Bitter Housewife was created for me and my whiskey-drinking friends. We don’t want to be talked down to and we don’t want to be told what we like isn’t “correct”. I don't believe drinks should be intimidating or that you need a whole new vocabulary to talk about them. I believe in great taste, real ingredients, and fun. 

Let’s be bitterly honest.

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