Portland Monthly - September 2014

"Portland’s home bar heroine wants you to spice up your liquor cabinet."
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Portland Monthly - March 2015

"Portlander Genevieve Brazelton is on a mission to change that (Angostura and Peychaud's being the go-to) with small-batch aromatic bitters that enhance, soften, and lengthen flavors with culinary flair."
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Edible Portland - November 2016 

Genevieve Brazelton ... and her husband, Dan, founded The Bitter Housewife, a line of cocktail bitters specifically designed to give depth to classic drink recipes, one dash at a time."
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Dallas News - January 2017

"The Bitter Housewife barrel-aged bitters combine the trend of barrel-aged flavor with bitters to create this oaky aroma that can be added to anything from a Dirty Shirley to your favorite Manhattan."
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Food & Wine - August 2017

"Our search for new ways to up our warm-weather bar game led us to these awesome mixers–now our secret weapons for poolside cocktails."
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Taste Radio - September 2017

The husband-and-wife team spoke with Caballero about the company’s focus on creating approachable ingredients with broad appeal.
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Coastal Living - October 2017

"We scoured America's shores ... for the best food and drink on the market. Here, the discoveries that made a splash in our taste tests."
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Sip Northwest - Spring 2018

For a classic bitter go for The Bitter Housewife Aromatic Bitters.
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Boston Globe - November 2018

She (founder Genevieve Brazelton) crafted the tinctures with her friends in mind, she says: whiskey loving, go-getting women — many of them moms — who are not always going out to restaurants but often entertain at the house. 
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