Portland Monthly - September 2014

"Portland’s home bar heroine wants you to spice up your liquor cabinet."
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Portland Monthly - March 2015

"Portlander Genevieve Brazelton is on a mission to change that (Angostura and Peychaud's being the go-to) with small-batch aromatic bitters that enhance, soften, and lengthen flavors with culinary flair."
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Edible Portland - November 2016 

"Genevieve Brazelton ... and her husband, Dan, founded The Bitter Housewife, a line of cocktail bitters specifically designed to give depth to classic drink recipes, one dash at a time."
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Dallas News - January 2017

"The Bitter Housewife barrel-aged bitters combine the trend of barrel-aged flavor with bitters to create this oaky aroma that can be added to anything from a Dirty Shirley to your favorite Manhattan."
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Food & Wine - August 2017

"Our search for new ways to up our warm-weather bar game led us to these awesome mixers–now our secret weapons for poolside cocktails."
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Taste Radio - September 2017

"The husband-and-wife team spoke with Caballero about the company’s focus on creating approachable ingredients with broad appeal."
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Coastal Living - October 2017

"We scoured America's shores ... for the best food and drink on the market. Here, the discoveries that made a splash in our taste tests."
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Sip Northwest - Spring 2018

"For a classic bitter go for The Bitter Housewife Aromatic Bitters."
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Boston Globe - November 2018

"She (founder Genevieve Brazelton) crafted the tinctures with her friends in mind, she says: whiskey loving, go-getting women — many of them moms — who are not always going out to restaurants but often entertain at the house." 
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BevNet - August 2019

"Having established its identity as a culinary-inspired cocktail product maker, Portland, Oregon-based brand The Bitter Housewife is aiming to kick off a new era next month with the launch of its first ready-to-drink product, Bitters and Soda."
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Best Products - August 2019

"Launching this fall, The Bitter Housewife is combining these two ingredients in an aromatic, zero-calorie, zero-proof canned beverage. Canned mocktails = even better than canned cocktails, in our opinion."
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Portland Mercury - September 2019

"Here’s one for the non-drinkers! These small-batch bitters makers reformulated their classic Old Fashioned bitters to be completely non-alcoholic and without sugar, then mixed it with soda water to enjoy on-the-go."
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Drink Planet - November 2019

"In particular, Bitters has been gradually expanding its foothold in Portland in recent years."
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Chicago Tribune - November 2019

"The Bitter Housewife ... reformulated its original Old Fashioned Aromatic bitters recipe, throwing out the alcohol and the sugar, but leaving the cherries, warm spices, fresh ginger and bitter gentian in the mix. The result — a lively, stimulating beverage that tastes like good ol’ Angostura bitters and soda, without the boozy kick."
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BevNet's Best of 2019 Awards - December 2019

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Drinkhacker - January 2020

"It's a refreshing beverage, moderately sparkling and only lightly bitter on the back end."

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Imbibe - March 2020

"Perfect for all-day sipping as needed, the canned Bitters & Soda strike the perfect balance of dry and crisp without being overly tannic. Based on their flagship Old Fashioned Aromatic bitters, makers Genevieve and Dan Brazelton formulated the alcohol-free, sugar-free base with ingredients like dried cherry, cinnamon, ginger, sarsaparilla, gentian and cloves for a complex yet refreshing bubbly beverage."

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Coveteur - November 2020

"Your bar cart won’t be complete without bitters."

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