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  • Bitter Truth

    We have been stocking these products in our bar section for over a year now. The catchy label always gets a chuckle, but it is the great quality that keeps customers coming back for more!

    - Keva from Whim House


    Love everything about this brand & product. A lot of love and time went into creating this and you can tell!

    - Ying from Strong Water Anaheim

  • Customer Favorite!

    Easy ordering and exceptional service. I love these guys and the quality bitters are a big customer favorite!

    - Ruby from Ruby Press


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes The Bitter Housewife Different From Other Bitters?

We believe drinks shouldn’t have rules and that you should embrace what you like. To that end we promise to be bitterly honest about the products we make and how you can use them. Our bitters are handcrafted in small batches in Portland, Oregon. You'll never find flavoring, coloring, or artificial preservatives in anything we make. We use only the highest quality whole ingredients to craft unmistakable flavors.

Do I Need A Special Permit To Sell Bitters Since They Contain Alcohol?

No, selling our bitters does not require special permits or licenses. Although our bitters are made using alcohol, they are a flavoring, much like the vanilla or almond extract you can find at any grocery store. They are not made or sold with the intention of someone drinking them alone. 

How Should I Store My Bitters?

Bitters can be stored at room temperature and require no refrigeration or special storage. They can be displayed the same way any other shelf stable products can be. The white, 6 pack box that we send our bitters in can be converted into a display case if you’d like to use that to keep your bottles neatly lined up.

My Bitters Are Cloudy or Have A Little Sediment In Them, Are They OK To Use?

We use real ingredients to make all our products, never flavoring or coloring. Real ingredients change from season to season and our bitters can be affected by this. The color or clarity may shift based on the ripeness of the citrus or the oils in the spices. We filter out everything we can, but sometimes the particles are just too fine to catch. This is perfectly normal and will not effect the flavor of our bitters. 

How Can I Market Bitters?

Our suggestion is to help people figure out how to use them or who will enjoy them. Of course, the most common use is in cocktails and mixed drinks. So if you have a section of other cocktail items like glassware, olives, cocktail napkins, or books, they’ll fit right in. If you sell other cocktail ingredients like vermouth, cocktail syrups, and cherries, they go right there too. We have a variety of recipes we are also happy to share so you can give customers something to walk out of the store with. Check us out on social media or subscribe to our consumer newsletter to get the latest recipes.

However, bitters can be used in more than just cocktails. A dash of bitters can add spice to coffee or tea. Bitters, especially our Cardamom Bitters or Aromatic Bitters, can be used in place of vanilla extract in baking to bring exciting new flavors to standard classics. Any of our citrus flavors pair well with lemonade, popsicles, or other summer favorites. There are a variety of ways to use bitters in cooking, baking, and other kitchen endeavors. We encourage you and your customers to get creative!

We also have a variety of marketing and promotional materials we want to share with you! From recipe cards to pictures for your social media accounts, we’ve got you covered. Please feel free to reach out to us at sales@thebitterhousewife.com and we can provide you with ideas or marketing materials for your business. 

How Can I Place A Wholesale Order?

To get the most detailed information on wholesale ordering, please fill out our Wholesale Inquiry Form above or select Order on Faire button below.

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