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Distiller's Collection Bundle

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Bitters never stand on their own, they are a supporting character in cocktails. So we lean heavily into collaborations, especially with distilleries. These premium flavors are as unique as the spirits they were crafted to highlight.

Building on the chocolate and coffee notes of Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey, the Dead Guy Chicory Bitters are rich and layered featuring roasted chicory and cocoa nibs for a truly indulgent addition to any whiskey-based cocktail.

Inspired by Westward Whiskey and the cool fall weather of the Pacific Northwest, these bitters let all the toasty flavor of roasted Oregon-grown hazelnuts shine through. Finished with spicy cinnamon and black pepper notes, they bring a welcome warmth to any cocktail you dash them in.

You get:

  • 1 Dead Guy Chicory Bitters
  • 1 Westward Hazelnut Bitters