Micro-Face Bitter Soda

Thirst-Busting Bitterness!

Crime-Fighting Is Thirsty Work!

You don't want to be loaded down with alcohol, sugar, or caffeine. You need a serious beverage, not a punk soda.

The Reviews Are In!

"There's nothing quite as refreshing as a cool, crisp trademark dispute. It's a shame that NPR's hip, new version of Micro-Face couldn't appear alongside his own name on a can of soda. But then again, maybe he wouldn't want to be seen next that comic sans font. Still, the Brazeltons of The Bitter Housewife company forced Planet Money to finally understand trademark. For this alone, I'd give a ten star review if I could. I raise a Micro-Face Bitter Soda to you, Brazeltons! (Also I bought two cases. Big fan!)" - Kenny M.

"Although I side with my Planet Money colleagues on this trademark dispute, I do appreciate the pluckiness of the Bitter Housewife in grabbing the name. The soda is delicious by itself, or, if I may suggest, with a little Campari for more zip. Bravo Brazeltons!" - Robert Smith

What's The Story?

Our favorite podcast, Planet Money, did a series of shows on licensing a comic book character. They were awesome and we were inspired. A crime-fighting soda, who could resist? 

It's real, we actually made Micro-Face Bitter Soda. And it's just as high quality as all our other products, made by us, right here in our Portland, OR facility. 

Does this make sense? No, but isn't it fun? We couldn't resist a crime-fighting soda and supporting our favorite podcast, Planet Money. Hat's off to Robert Smith and Kenny Malone for being good sports! All Trademark disputes were made in the spirit of making good radio. All profits from the sales of Micro-Face Bitter Soda will be donated to NPR/Planet Money.

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Who Are We?

The Bitter Housewife makes small-batch beverages handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. Founded by wife and husband team, Genevieve and Dan Brazelton, the company’s passion for flavor-driven beverages inspired a line of all-natural bitters accessible to the everyday consumer—from the novice to the aspiring bartender.

At The Bitter Housewife we don’t believe in “magic bullets” or that one food will hurt or fix you. We actually think you’re pretty awesome already. We do believe in moderation, real ingredients, great taste, and doing what works best for you.

We're Raising!

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