About The Bitter Housewife

“What makes The Bitter Housewife, bitter?” Being told an Old Fashioned shouldn’t have a cherry in it. An eye roll because I ask for cheap bourbon and a perfect ice cube. Drinks shouldn’t have rules. 

We’re here to let you off the hook and encourage you to embrace what you like. You can’t stand the taste of whiskey, there’s no shame in that. Prefer your wine in a juice glass? Me too! You don’t drink alcohol at all? We support that. 

The Bitter Housewife was created for me and my whiskey-drinking friends. We don’t want to be talked down to and we don’t want to be told what we like isn’t “correct”. I don't believe cocktails should be intimidating or that you need a whole new vocabulary to talk about them. I also don’t believe that a “drink” needs to have alcohol in it. I do believe in great taste, real ingredients, and fun.

Let’s be bitterly honest.

– Genevieve Brazelton, The Bitter Housewife

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to make their own choices, starting with what they drink. 

We make high quality, all natural beverages with a focus on balanced, bitter flavors that invite our customers to explore new flavors and have fun creating their own favorite drinks. 

We are here to guide and inspire, not dictate or judge.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a brand that inspires people to embrace balance and moderation as a healthy lifestyle, to throw out the ideas of “all or nothing” and magic bullets to make you better, and rally against the demonization of any one ingredient or food.

We believe that most happy, healthy people understand that sometimes you need a cocktail and sometimes you don’t. They understand that a little sugar adds sweetness to life, but that bitterness brings balance. They understand that real, simple ingredients are always better than over processed or lab created. 

Our vision is to create a community of bitterly honest people ready to call bullshit on false health marketing. 

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