Rosé Sangria

Rosé Sangria

Unlike most red sangrias that benefit from being made hours ahead so the flavors all meld, this bright, fresh sangria should be mixed just before guests arrive so the bubbles don’t go flat.

2 regular-size hibiscus tea bags (I used Smith Tea Hibiscus, but Tazo Passion is also a good option)
1 cup cold water
8 oz fresh raspberries (about 2 cups), plus more for garnish 
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz The Bitter Housewife Orange Bitters
1 bottle (750-ml) chilled sparkling rosé 

Steep the hibiscus tea in the cold water for about an hour. Combine tea, raspberries, and simple syrup in a blender till smooth. The strain through a sieve to remove seeds. This can be made ahead of time and kept covered in the fridge. 

When ready to serve combine raspberry mixture with bitters and sparkling rose in a pitcher. Mix gently, but well. Pour into wine glasses or tumblers with ice. Garnish with a few extra raspberries.

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