Womxn, Spirit Forward: Kimberly Lashbrook

Womxn, Spirit Forward: Kimberly Lashbrook

Tell us a little bit about your background in making drinks (or bartending)?

I went to bartending school at 20 and have been a professional bartender off and on. Last year I worked private events but now I primarily make drinks at home because I like to create my own recipes and style photos more than anything.

Tell us about your relationship with bitters?

It's a long/passionate relationship! Bitters are to cocktails what salt is to cooking. They bring everything alive.

What’s your favorite cocktail to make with bitters?

I make a lot of experimental cocktails (and not a lot of classics these days), so it's truly impossible to say I have a favorite. But I can say that I probably use cardamom bitters more than any other.

What advice can you give people when using bitters? (Whether it be brands, how many dashes, varieties to try, how-to-use)

My advice is: work outside the box. Angostura and Peychaud's are great. But check out some local, small batch brands. Get ahold of a tasting kit with small bottles so you can experiment. See which notes in your cocktail you can enhance!

You can check out Kimberly's drinks on her blog and on Instagram

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