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Oregon Whiskey Lover Bundle

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Oregon Whiskey Lovers, this is for you! We paired our distillery-inspired bitters, Dead Guy Chicory, Westward Hazelnut, and Barrel Aged, with two handblown tumblers from North Drinkware featuring the iconic Mount Hood. A celebration of Oregon distillers and their delicious craft!

Dead Guy Chicory Bitters is a collaboration with Rogue Distillery, an Oregon institution that produces beer, whiskey, and spirits aplenty! They made an ale called Rogue Dead Guy Ale, they turned that ale into a whiskey, and we use that whiskey as the base for these rich, chocolatey, coffee-y bitters that were made for a Chocolate Manhattan…

Westward Hazelnut Bitters is a collaboration with Westward Distillery, another Oregon institution that makes damn good whiskey… we partnered with Westward to make a cocktail bitters that paid homage to Oregon’s rich history in growing and producing hazelnuts (or filberts as they’re affectionately called here). The result is warmly spiced, nutty bitters that shine in a PNW-inspired Hazelnut Old Fashioned.

Our Barrel Aged bitters is our Aromatic Cocktail Bitters recipe aged in American Oak Barrels sourced from local distilleries… but the result is anything but simple. These bitters take on rich and smooth vanilla qualities while they age in barrels. Warmly spiced and extra smooth, these bitters are fantastic in anything you put them in. 

This bundle was made for the PNW native that is a true whiskey fan

  • 2 Mount Hood Tumblers 
  • 1 Rogue Dead Guy Chicory Bitters
  • 1 Westward Hazelnut Bitters
  • 1 Barrel Aged Bitters