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Old Fashioned Bundle

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Our Old Fashioned Bundle is everything you need to make a killer Old Fashioned and sip it in style. This classic and simple cocktail doesn’t need much but calls for only the best because everything shines in its simplicity. We’ve included a jigger from our friends at Bull in China for all your measuring needs, Two Mount Hood tumblers from North Drinkware to showcase your amazing cocktail, and one bottle each of Aromatic and Orange bitters.

Why two flavors of bitters for one drink? Some folks swear Aromatic is the only way to go while others will tell you Orange is the best choice. However, we think you should decide or even try our method, 3-4 dashes of Orange and 3-4 dashes of Aromatic to give you both spicy warmth and a citrusy kick.

For the Old Fashioned Obsessed

  • 1 Bell Jigger
  • 2 Mount Hood Tumblers
  • 1 bottle each of Aromatic and Orange Bitters