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Cardamom Bitters & Soda

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*** Due to freezing conditions in various parts of the country Bitters & Soda orders placed after 10 am on Wednesdays may not ship till the following Monday. Once you receive a shipping notification we encourage you to check the delivery date and try to bring your package inside as soon as possible to avoid freezing.

An earthy, spicy take on the classic "what to drink when you're not drinking", The Bitter Housewife Cardamom Bitters & Soda has absolutely no alcohol or sugar.

Bold cardamom balanced with bitter herbs, warm cinnamon, and zero sweet.

Cardamom Bitters & Soda is an elegant, sparkling sipper worthy of any celebration and perfect for languishing brunches. Drink it straight from the can or pour into a fancy glass with a few fresh raspberries.

A Bitterly Honest Beverage you can drink any time of day.

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