“This is not seltzer plus a splash of bitters! The flavors are complex and complicated. Super stoked to be a subscriber.” - Lisa W.

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    Not even trace amounts. We have a propritary method to make our base bitters that uses absolutely no alcohol.


    No natural sugars and no substitutes. Our Bitters & Soda have absolutely no sweetness.


    We mean whole spices and botanicals. No extracts and no flavorings.

  • "Really wonderful, I've been exploring non-alcoholic drinks lately, and this is the first one I've had that impressed me from the first sip to the last." - Austin D.

  • "Life got better when I found Bitters & Soda from The Bitter Housewife! What a great beverage--it's refreshing, invigorating, and unique with its botanical flavors that are anything but sweet or boring.” - Nicki Y.

  • "Your bitters and soda hits my flavor preference, which has always been bitter forward, and it's also light and fresh. I think you have a winner." - Craig S.