Happy Hour At Home Just Got Happier

You put all your passion into finely crafted spirits. Compliment them with award winning bitters made with the same care and help your customers level up their at home happy hours. 

At the core of The Bitter Housewife you'll find big, bold flavor, transparent labels and a consistent,
quality product. - Lauren Wildman, Westward Whiskey

Why The Bitter Housewife?

• Cocktails empower your customer to use your spirits more frequently. Bitters help them great ones at home.

• Increase the amount each customer is spending with carefully considered items to add.

• Enjoy great margins with a non-regulated product.

What Distilleries Are Saying

Jennifer Kadell, Bull Run Distilling Co.
"Bull Run's collaboration in a barrel-aged Aromatic Bitter has been so successful, we can hardly keep it in stock. Once customers smell the intoxicating blend of The Bitter Housewife's unique botanical mix they are instantly inspired to create that fantastic cocktail to elevate a dessert recipe!"

Lauren Wildman, Westward Whiskey
"Guests of our tasting room love to engage with our collection of The Bitter Housewife bitters, 'the bitters wall' is a great place to educate consumers about our spirits. We can share new ways to enjoy our spirits and fun cocktail suggestions. We teach our guests how to up their cocktail (or mocktail!) game with simple recipes that use bitters to elevate and create more complex cocktails. It's an easy upsell to increase your guest check average or perfectly placed in curated cocktail kits and gift sets."

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