Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters

Get to the Classically Essential Cocktail Ingredient

You might be familiar with Angostura bitters or Peychaud’s. These are aromatic bitters, which just means they have a lot of different herbs and spices in them. Traditionally, they come in those brown bottles, wrapped in paper with apothecary-style branding. 

Our Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters fit into this category as well and were made specifically to go in an Old Fashioned, but bring a ton of baking spice and deep cherry flavor to any classic cocktail. 


This drink was created for Dan by Genevieve (there's even a story about it). When the stars align she even makes her own nocino and brandied cherries.

2 oz bourbon
1 oz nocino
6 dashes The Bitter Housewife Aromatic Bitters
a bar spoon of juice from brandied cherries
a brandied cherry to garnish

Combine all ingredients except the cherry in a mixing glass with ice. Stir till well chilled, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with the cherry.

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