Bitterly Honest

In the spirit of optimism and making it easier to have a socially distant gathering or simply make Tuesday night feel a little more festive, we thought we’d share some tips on batching cocktails. Guests can serve themselves while you keep your distance or you can pour yourself a fancy drink in minutes to class up any Zoom happy hour of Netflix binge.
Herbs are essential to many cocktails, and a great addition to any drink, along with a few splashes of The Bitter Housewife bitters of course. 
If you’re looking for a recommendation for orange bitters recipes, you have come to the right place. We’ll break down different uses for orange cocktail bitters and provide a few orange bitters recipes that you can use often. 
If your home bar consists of a bottle of vodka, St. Germaine you bought on a whim, and some rarely used simple syrup, this bar guide is for you. 

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